The Winter Prince

| April 9, 2017


A feel-good, easy to read, tale about the sweethearts Nikoline and Nikolai.
The winner of Commentums children’s book contest in 2014.

””The Winter Prince” by E. H. Everdene is an enchanting fairy tale for modern times. A princess dreams of a prince to come to take her away from a strifeling existence; the handsome prince lives only for the love of the fair princess and will overcome any obstacle, make any sacrifice to be with her. Malevolent supernatural forces conspire to keep the two apart, help arrives in unexpected ways and from unexpected places, and good triumphs over evil. The scenaro is timeless and beloved.
E. H. Everdene rendition, however, has a few modern twists: her prince is a sensitive young man who is not afraid to sit and weep openly when confronted with an obstacle he does not seem likely ever to surmount, and the princess, far from being helpless and demure, fearlessly takes matters into her own hands, escapes from her tower and rescues the prince. In this captivating modern fairy tale, true love is an equal partnership, and the message is empovering for young readers.

All of the most familiar and most treasured elements of mythology are present in this heartwarming and timeless tale, which could well be used in a mythology class. Archetypes, symbolism, the quest, supernatural forces, cryptozoological entities, and a clear and present moral are all wowen deftly into the narrative, which seems as if it has existed for aeons.

”The Winter Prince” by E. H. Everdene is a new classic fairy tale, destined to delight generations to come in the manner of hans Christian Anderson, or the famous tales of brothers Grimm.”

Rewieved by Rich Follett for Readers Favorite

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