How To STOP Disease: Lose Weight And START Supercharging Your Health!

| April 9, 2017


What you don’t know about this super food is costing you your health!
In this book I share how I discovered the secret to shedding 20 pounds of fat and feeling boundless energy in 90 days, Nature’s way!

Isn’t it crazy how fast the years go by? And one day you look down and you realize that you’ve put on 10 or 15 pounds. That’s the way it happened with me. A couple of years ago after gorging myself on ThanksGiving dinner my cousin tells me that it’s estimated that for every year of marriage you put on 1 pound of fat.

I decided to see if this was true for me. So I did the simple math. We were married in June 1990, and it was 2012, and based on that I should have gained about 22 pounds. What I discovered though, is that I hadn’t gained 22 pounds, I gained 27! Not only that, but I always felt tired and I seemed to get every stomach flu that came along.

At night after work do you feel exhausted and rung out, and its all you can do to make it to bed time? That was me. It’s frustrating though because I thought I was doing the right things. Eating lots of carbs, yogurt, bread and such. It’s not your fault though because most of what you hear in main stream media about eating is just plain wrong!

The thing is, I knew I had to do something different. I started trying all kinds of crazy diets and none of them seemed to work. In fact, it seemed like all the conventional wisdom wasn’t that wise at all. I was even running and exercising almost every day, but that only seemed to give me more head colds and sinus infections. And I felt hungry ALL THE TIME!

One day I realized that I was doing everything all wrong. In my younger years I grew up in Idaho and we had a huge garden and we ate vegetables almost every day. Now I lived in this smaller neighborhood in Utah and it was difficult to get vegetables to eat all year. But then I remembered something interesting…

My mother had a way of providing fresh vegetables all year long easily and inexpensively right in her own kitchen!

That was cool. But even cooler was that I had all this extra energy. Instead of crashing on the couch every night I was able to keep up with my daughters…and with 3 teenagers in the house it took all the energy I could get!

Soon people started recognizing that I’d shed pounds and they would ask me how “did you do that”? When I showed them the secret, many of them didn’t even know it existed, or how simple it could be. They certainly didn’t know how delicious and satisfying it could be.

That was it! Soon I was experimenting with some things I had learned years ago. I discovered a system that finally worked! In no time at all I was able to transform not only my shape, but my overall health.

That’s when I decided it was time to share this secret with everyone. In this book I share all the necessary background, and exact steps you can follow to start growing your own super food, very inexpensively and easily.

In How To STOP Disease you will learn:

* The three simple things you need to grow your own super food!

* How to turn your body into a super healing machine that will knock out most colds, and common illnesses caused by the western diet.

* Exactly where and how to get access to the best organic food in the world, and it will only cost you pennies per meal!

* How to create delicious meals in minutes, without cooking, that will amaze your family and friends.

* The secret to feeding your cells directly with the healing nutrients necessary for your body to heal itself.

Nature provides everything necessary to make you well. Unfortunately we aren’t taught these basics, and mass media focuses on fad diets and foods that actually make you sicker. Everyday you wait to get started on this system only delays your return to youthful energy and a waistline your friends will envy.

See you Inside! Sincerely, Kenny L Bunnell

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