Regal Hearts: Episode 1: The Unlikely Story of a Princess, a Popstar, an Amish Girl, and an Average Girl

| April 10, 2017


Following the dramatic birth of her royal daughters, the Queen of Bella-Adar is murdered by the merciless sword of an evil usurper. The helpless princesses are placed in the care of the URIA, an undercover organization who safely extracts and protects the girls from a tragic fate. Sixteen years later, Lena Bodner encounters a stranger who uncovers secrets from her past…

Embark on these regal adventures, as Episode 1 launches an exciting, riveting mini-series of 25 pages released in a periodical, episode format. Reading Regal Hearts is like watching a TV show unfold in your mind, so you’ll have to be patient for the release of each new episode!

Please note that each episode contains a cliff hanger and is 25 pages long.

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