The 10 Best Habits To Master For Ultimate Productivity

| April 10, 2017


Tired of procrastinating all the time and not achieving your goals?

Or do you simply want to get even more productive?

This book is created for you!

It contains proven steps and strategies on how to maximize your productivity whether at work, home, school or business. Almost everyone has at one point or another struggled with productivity. Do you get easily distracted and end up not doing important tasks? Do you struggle to find enough time to get all your activities done? Do you have a major problem when it comes to making schedules and actually sticking to them? Then this book is perfect for you!

You will get a step by step guide on how some of the most highly productive people in the world get it all done! The book contains ten chapters, each chapter highlighting a habit and going on to discuss how it affects your productivity. You can expect to find and learn about various subjects such as time management, technological distractions, procrastination, effective planning, setting goals to determine productivity, the 80/20 Rule determining productivity, perfectionism and its effects on productivity and finally, being a realist when planning and carrying out all the tasks on your action plan, this will also cover accountability.

By the end of this book, you should be able to restructure how you go about your action plans from planning up until execution, and in the end, become a highly productive individual!


: Printable with a step by step guide on how to plan your day for ultimate productivity.

Overview of the content

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Re-defining Productivity
  • Chapter 2: Is Multitasking the Enemy of Productivity?
  • Chapter 3: Planning! Planning! Planning!
  • Chapter 4: Time Management: Urgent vs Important
  • Chapter 5: Technology, Good or Bad?
  • Chapter 6: Define Your Own Success
  • Chapter 7: Curbing Procrastination
  • Chapter 8: Do More by Doing Less
  • Chapter 9: What’s your Daily Routine?
  • Chapter 10: Perfectionists and Productivity
  • Chapter 11: Realists are Productive
  • Conclusion

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