Displaced: Psychic Visions and Ghosts Books 1-3

| April 11, 2017


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The first three books of the Psychic Visions and Ghosts series by an Amazon bestselling author of paranormal suspense.

Welcome to a place with a dark history, an island in the Celtic Sea where not everything is as it seems. Welcome to Lansin Island.

Popular with Pagans for its larger-than-life celebrations of the seasonal Sabbats, Lansin Island is rife with witchy history. But with Halloween just around the corner, it’s harder than ever to tell fact from fiction.

Nicolas Crystan, an ordinary young guy trying to find his way in the world, has lived on the island his whole life. Apart from his mother’s unexplained disappearance, he’s never witnessed anything like the strange stories he’s grown up hearing about–until the day he’s struck by a disturbing vision of a woman’s death.

When Nick uses the premonition to save Juliet Maystone from a grisly fate, their lives become inextricably linked–and forever altered. Before long, a cryptic message about Nick’s missing mother plunges Nick and Juliet into a world of ghosts, mediums, immortals … and murder.

As the two learn more about what brought them together, they discover they’re part of something much larger than themselves–and more dangerous than any wicked act in a Lansin Island legend.

It’s one thing to alter the fate of a single person, but what can they do when the fate of the whole world–and even worlds beyond–may rest in their hands?

Praise from Amazon readers of the Psychic Visions and Ghosts series:

“If you are looking for a good supernatural mystery, this is it!” ~ Juan Medina

“An excellent paranormal suspense novel, with a healthy dollop of mystery and a dab of romance, this book delivers.” ~ Tanechka

“Never has supernatural thriller been this good!” ~ George Shadow

“… a spooky tale of supernatural events … The plot is good, the characters are excellent, and the suspense is incredible.” ~ KOBAM

“… a tremendous paranormal thriller full of mystery, witches and the supernatural.” ~ tassy

“… such an interesting premise! … a wonderful blend of fantasy and the paranormal” ~ CHARLENE, BOOKISH WHIMSY

“A new take on the whole supernatural genre.” ~ Cole29

“Tantalizing beginning to interesting series … leaves you wanting more!” ~ Tabitha, ETERNALLYLEARNING

Find out what happens when the ordinary meets the extraordinary in these intriguing supernatural mysteries. This bundle includes A Death Displaced, A Body Displaced, and A Spirit Displaced, plus a never before published map of Lansin Island. Start reading today!

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