Citizen Insane (A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery #2)

| July 7, 2013


Citizen Insane (A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery #2)

Book 2 in the popular Barbara Marr Murder Mystery Series

If you think PTA meetings are boring, then you haven’t attended one in Barbara Marr’s neighborhood, where MURDER is on the agenda. Always one to stumble into trouble, Barb learns the hard way that a seemingly innocent yearbook scandal is actually part of a more sinister and deadly plot. Join soccer mom and movie lover Barbara Marr in this second laugh-out-loud, chaotic mystery, where high-profile crime and suburban living collide in an unexpected fashion.
Books in the series: Take the Monkeys and Run (#1), Citizen Insane (#2), Silenced by the Yams (#3), and Saturday Night Cleaver (#4)


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