Improvisation Audition Secrets for Actors: Learn 4 Lost Principles from Master Improvisers to Book More Jobs

| April 13, 2017



Improvisation Audition Secrets for Actors: Learn 4 Lost Principles from Master Improvisers to Book More Jobs

Fast Forward Your Acting Career & Book More Jobs

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Today is one of the final days to get Audition Improvisation Secrets for a reduced price (normally $5.99).

If you are actively auditioning you are probably being asked to improvise in 3 out of 4 of your auditions. Imagine if you had access to secret improvisation principles that drastically enhance your performance in the audition room? Do you think that would give you an advantage? Of course it would.

Wouldn’t you like to work smarter and not harder? This book contains proven strategies to make grounded improvisational theater easier.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn…

  • Why improv comedy rules are killing your improvised auditions.
  • What style of improvisation is most directly linked to enhanced performance in the audition room.
  • The 4 Lost Principles that will change your improvisation forever.
  • Twenty tips to immediately enhance your improvisation.
  • How to capitalize on your knowledge of The 4 Principles to book more work.

Make sure to download your copy today and take advantage of the discount!
Remember, knowing these secret principles will help you make the most of your two minutes in the audition room!

What others say about Audition Improvisation Secrets:

“After applying the principles for just a few weeks I got my first commercial agent; solely based on my new improvisation skills.” – John

“The director called me up to tell me personally how much my improvised object work stood out. He hired me on the spot.” – Topher

“I booked my first paid acting work EVER thanks to the skills I learned.” – Laura

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