WP Affiliate Pro Versus WP Affiliate Elite

| August 13, 2008

Update: It looks like this site is no more. This was a good tool while it lasted, but most people have shifted to more quality and less automation. It is not very difficult to manually insert a link. So this software is no longer available.

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Many agree that blog readers are ad blind and usually focus on the text and ignore most of the sidebar ads. So the best placement for affiliate links are in the text. An easy way to ad links to keywords is to have a software program like WP Affiliate Pro. Which is a plug in that will create links for keywords. And you can control the settings such as no follow, overriding older links, changing links on the fly etc.

The first time I purchased WP Affiliate Pro I had trouble getting it to work properly. So I returned it and tried some free plugins that did similar things, such as alinks and wp affiliate. It seemed like free would be a better option but I still wasn’t satisfied with the results.

So I decided to try WP Affiliate Pro again but at the same time I heard about WP Affiliate Elite. So I purchased both and tested them on two different blogs that also run on different servers. Here are my results:

I finally got WP Affiliate Pro to work and it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s an easy to install plug in and easy to configure. I think they are the first and original creator of this software. This plugin costs 97$, but sometimes you can find online deals where it sells for less. Another way of getting a discount is to purchase it from your own affiliate link.

But the one I decided to keep was WP Affiliate Elite. It does the same thing as WP Affiliate Pro but the interface is set up a little better. And you can change the colors of your links without messing with CSS. Where as with WP Affiliate Pro you have to edit a couple of lines of CSS to get the same effect.

WP Affiliate Elite also cost less at 47$. And they have an affiliate program as well. The one small downside to this software is when you install it you add one file to your plugins folder and one to your root folder. Which is still really simple, but without reading the installation text it’s a step you could miss.

Anyway I think WP Affiliate Elite is a plugin worth having, and I’m keeping my copy. Do you use these plugins or something similar? Also I’d love to hear any input on hiding affiliate links.

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  1. Blogfixes says:

    hi there!.. nice blog.. I really enjoyed reading it. thanks! cheers..

    may I invite you to visit my blog? I may be able to help you with your blog somehow.. i also make blog reviews, I would really love to exchange blog reviews with you.

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  2. Emma says:

    Thank-you Raphael. I appreciate you stopping by.

    Emmas last blog post..Another Great Video From Court

  3. Chanya says:

    I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to cloak affiliate links a couple of weeks ago. I ended up pointing to a file on my site that in turn does a redirect to the affiliate page.

    Sounds like for $47 I could have done this much easier.

    Chanyas last blog post..Are You Little Red Riding Hood?

  4. Emma says:

    Chanya the method you used for cloaking probably works better then these plugins. Because with the plugins your affiliate id will still show in the url of the affiliate landing page. I think I may have to do what you did or ad a redirect plug in. Hmm, maybe we discovered a market for a new plug in. Start coding. :grin:

    Emmas last blog post..How To Create Your Own WordPress Template

  5. Great post and review i’ve been looking for some insight towards text link plugings! WP Affiliate Elite sounds like a great plugin. And You raise a wonderful point about readers not looking at the side bar anymore. I bet i can get better link exchanges with this plugin.

    club par excellances last blog post..Student Metro is a great site for students

  6. greate review…I’ve intalled wp affiliate elite in my blog what can I say it is just a great plugin…

    Roshan Bhattarais last blog post..Using your laptop for various useful works

  7. Emma says:

    That’s great to hear. I hope it brings you much success.

    Emmas last blog post..Unique Blog Designs 1-Year Anniversary Contest

  8. Amazing, i never know about these softwares. I am running a few sites, where i am posting deals manually after getting them from CJ, Shopping.com etc. Can you suggest a plugin that help me to extract the datafeeds and post them as a deal post to my blogs? it will save lot of time for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    kabonfootprint | Ambers last blog post..Kabonfootprint Rocks

  9. Emma says:

    Hi Amber, I think storestacker actually does that, they have a plug in for cj, amazon, and ebay. But they are not free. There is a free wordpress plugin called wp affiliate that is similar to wp affiliate elite but you do enter your cj id in it. I played with it a little but it wasn’t working for me. Most of my experience with data feeds is from bans. But I hope to explore data feeds more in the future. :smile:

  10. Hari says:

    Nice one. Thumbs up !! :-)

    Haris last blog post..My Pencil Sketches

  11. WP Passion says:

    This plugin looks good. I wonder how long before somebody releases a free version :)

    WP Passions last blog post..Tech Web

  12. seo-manager says:

    That is very usefull plugin and I need it. But I don’t want to pay a hundred or $47 for such a simple thing. I will search for a free one and get back to you -)

  13. Jane says:

    WP Affiliate Elite is definitely worth the money. I have it and it works really good.

  14. I have a questions – is the certain type of plugin the kind where when the viewer rolls over the keywords a little pop up bubble appears? I am definitely looking for something more along those lines, rather than just random hidden keyword links.

    Thanks for any feedback!


  15. Emma says:

    No, many people find those annoying.

    Emmas last blog post..Lessons From Deal Or No Deal

  16. You made a fantastic review. Seems WP Affiliate Elite plugin has a great feature. I’ll certainly going to try it out. Thanks for the useful info.

  17. Thank you for sharing such a useful plugin. Nice one. Keep it up.

  18. The fact that you actually RETURN it is a huge selling point. I like knowing that I can get my money back.

  19. There is a free wordpress plugin called wp affiliate that is similar to wp affiliate elite but you do enter your cj id in it. I played with it a little but it wasn’t working for me.

  20. Emma says:

    I tried the free wp affiliate as well. It didn’t work well for me either.

    Emmas last blog post..Free Book Reviews

  21. hi there!.. nice blog.. I really enjoyed reading it.

    I found best site for getting good information about landing page optimization. You can check it.

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  22. Theres lots of good free wp-templates on the web that are affiliate frindly you just need to look, good article.

  23. Thanks for posting this, and for providing an honest comparison betwwen Affiliate Pro and Affiliate Elite.

    $47 is well worth the price to boost affiliate sales – with many info products, it would pay for itself with one additional sale!

    Lee, Affiliate Marketings last blog post..Does Your Blog Educate and Entertain?

  24. Zemalf says:

    I’ve heard a lot about these plugins and nice to see some comparison and reasoning here too. How has the plugin and affiliate sales worked for you now that you’ve used it for a bit?

    Zemalfs last blog post..Affiliate Marketing Explained

  25. do you have recommendations for something free too. also does affiliate links have any negative affect on your ranking.

    your blog is very informative, somehow i am hooked to it now.

    i also maintain a blog and hope you would give it a look too.

    Personal Developments last blog post..How to Attract People like Magnet

  26. Whereisaron says:

    I still prefer WP Affiliate PRO. But right now their website seems to be in the mids of problem. cause i cannot access them. Thank you for the post.

  27. Liontin says:

    I have to look up the details on that two products first. WP Affiliate Elite is cheaper than WP Affiliate Pro.

  28. Leonel says:

    With WP Affiliate PRO we can count how many clicks within the keywords. Does the WP Affiliate Elite can do this? If yes, they are the same than. Just pick the cheapest one.
    .-= Leonel´s last blog ..Testimonial and Customer Support =-.

  29. Jay says:

    Totally agree about Elite having the better interface and just being easier (for me at least) overall

  30. Ben says:

    I just heard that WP Affiliate Elite is under $10 for Christmas! Check it out: