WP Affiliate Pro Versus WP Affiliate Elite

Update: It looks like this site is no more. This was a good tool while it lasted, but most people have shifted to more quality and less automation. It is not very difficult to manually insert a link. So this software is no longer available.

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Many agree that blog readers are ad blind and usually focus on the text and ignore most of the sidebar ads. So the best placement for affiliate links are in the text. An easy way to ad links to keywords is to have a software program like WP Affiliate Pro. Which is a plug in that will create links for keywords. And you can control the settings such as no follow, overriding older links, changing links on the fly etc.

The first time I purchased WP Affiliate Pro I had trouble getting it to work properly. So I returned it and tried some free plugins that did similar things, such as alinks and wp affiliate. It seemed like free would be a better option but I still wasn’t satisfied with the results.

So I decided to try WP Affiliate Pro again but at the same time I heard about WP Affiliate Elite. So I purchased both and tested them on two different blogs that also run on different servers. Here are my results:

I finally got WP Affiliate Pro to work and it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s an easy to install plug in and easy to configure. I think they are the first and original creator of this software. This plugin costs 97$, but sometimes you can find online deals where it sells for less. Another way of getting a discount is to purchase it from your own affiliate link.

But the one I decided to keep was WP Affiliate Elite. It does the same thing as WP Affiliate Pro but the interface is set up a little better. And you can change the colors of your links without messing with CSS. Where as with WP Affiliate Pro you have to edit a couple of lines of CSS to get the same effect.

WP Affiliate Elite also cost less at 47$. And they have an affiliate program as well. The one small downside to this software is when you install it you add one file to your plugins folder and one to your root folder. Which is still really simple, but without reading the installation text it’s a step you could miss.

Anyway I think WP Affiliate Elite is a plugin worth having, and I’m keeping my copy. Do you use these plugins or something similar? Also I’d love to hear any input on hiding affiliate links.