MOONBLOOD: First Chronicle of the Shaman (Chronicles of the Shaman Book 1)

| April 14, 2017


Martin Ash’s MOONBLOOD (First Chronicle of the Shaman)

A baby is about to be born in the old city of Ravenscrag. The birth, long predicted, will set in train a series of horrific events and the summoning of dark and potent energies as the newborn child turns out to be something nobody could have foreseen.
A lonely young girl on the verge of womanhood seems to hold the key to the mysteries surrounding these unnatural forces and events.
Into this mix steps an enigmatic young shaman and merchant-adventurer, who, against his will, finds himself compelled to investigate and unravel the mysteries that beset Ravenscrag. As his investigations proceed, obstructed at every step by forces both human and otherworldly, a hidden history is slowly uncovered. A past filled with deception and dark secrets, with falsehoods, corruption and madness, and a ruthless power struggle that has endured for centuries and now threatens to bring destruction to the world of Ravenscrag and all who live there.

Cult author Martin Ash’s MOONBLOOD is a highly original, standalone novel that mixes fantasy and mystery to create a dark, witty and breathtakingly exciting tale. With echoes of Mervyn Peake’s GORMENGHAST, it explores the falsification of history and the hidden transition from ancient, universal goddess worship to the patriarchal god figures that have endured to this day. Both for its narrative power and as an allegory drawing on elements of fairytale and myth, MOONBLOOD is an outstanding achievement as well as a brilliant read.

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