The Human Race to the Future: What Could Happen – and What to Do

| July 8, 2013


What might life, technology, and the world be like in the future? Today’s future is tomorrow’s reality—the future is on its way! What could happen, when, and how can we prepare?

Contains “some of the most readable (and movie-ready) scientific literature ever published” – Neal Ungerleider, writer, FAST COMPANY.

You will get an engaging and thought provoking ride. In future scenarios written to make science and technology readable and intriguing, the author weaves imagination, science, and even occasional dry humor into a gripping whole. The future possible realities described in these speculative essays, with time scales ranging from the current century to nearly eternity, may inspire readers young and old, even thinkers, writers and leaders.

Updated edition. Includes over 400 references and links to more information. Peer reviewed for scientific accuracy.

Here are just some of the topics you will read about:
A week’s worth of food can be produced with just one hour of labor, so could we all have lives of leisure?
Cognitive enhancement the easy way: from pills to ultrasound to electrical stimulation and more.
When computers can read our minds we won’t need WIMP (windows-icons-mouse-pointer) based computers any more.
A telepresence robot is a long distance extension of yourself, and some day could allow you to work anywhere while living wherever you want.
Colonizing the moon, Mars, and other planets and moons is possible in principle, so how might we actually do it?
“It doesn’t grow on trees” is a problem whose future solution is genetically engineered trees.
An asteroid ended the dinosaurs and one could end us too, but there are ways to protect against them.
These topics and many more (32 independent essays, mostly but not exclusively nonfiction) describe what could happen—and in many cases, what we can do.

“… could inspire … students to be more creative, their parents and grandparents to be more future aware, and leaders of nations around the world to take heed and act.” —Donald Maclean, MBChB

As a technology futurist I am extremely interested in the topics of this book. Thank you so much for writing this excellent book!!” —Elina Hiltunen, PhD, CEO

“… whizzes past the future and then loops back to look it in the eye. This is a … brilliant book.” —Sabiha Rumani Malik, President of Sanghata Global

I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of the material in this book.” —Luke Hutchison, PhD (MIT), Google; TED fellow; Singularity University alumnus

Although many foresight and futurism books belong in the science fiction section, Berleant grounds his writing in scientific facts and knowledge, while maintaining the excitement the material deserves. … the book can expand your view of the possible.” —33rd Square

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