The Living Hunger

| July 8, 2013


The Living Hunger

The author of ‘With Cruel Intent’ presents a Post-Apocalyptic story of struggle, endurance and survival. ‘The Living Hunger’ is book one in the series with book two projected for Christmas 2013.

A hardened war veteran collides with a venomous leader and rogue assassin, turning Northern Utah into the next great battleground.

Sergeant Farrell Jenson survives a world lost to nuclear and biological warfare only to find his home destroyed and family missing. He joins forces with Gary Merrill, a local business leader, and Major Melanie Ghostkeeper, a Marine Medic, to begin the process of rebuilding. A small group of survivors unite under a banner of freedom and hunker down in Bear River High School. Friendships and love are forged in the hot fires of adversity as they fight for their very lives, amidst a world turned upside down, where death is the new way of life.

A festering evil is combing the land, led by one man, Don Bullock. The rotund, venomous leader spearheads a community with a taboo, underlying secret that will pit good against evil in a dramatic show of force and violence between the two groups. Solomon, a rogue African assassin, launches a one-man assault on the Bear Riverites, seeking blood and retribution to satiate his bloodlust and quench his need for flesh.

Each side gambles all to control a newfound drug with the potential to save mankind. This new ‘currency’ trumps all, where money is worthless and food and women are king. As the struggle escalates and new battle-lines are drawn a host of unwitting participants are pulled into the fray, fighting for all they hold dear.

Book One of The Living Hunger Series begs the question: ‘Which side will render your support and where will your allegiances lie?’

Editorial Reviews:
“The Living Hunger must be included in the books you read this summer. There is something very real about the danger and viciousness of a future that might be our own.” — Kelsey Chenuz

“I enjoyed the story very much. It was well formulated and well written. (The author) has a way with dialogue, and I enjoyed the interaction between the characters.” — C. Smelker

“An action-packed novel with heroes you’ll love and a villain that you’ll love to hate!” — D. Reay

“. . . fast-paced story with lots of action. The plot moves along nicely and the characters are interesting and compelling. The dialog seemed really natural, that’s definitely a strength . . .” — H. McMullin

“A unique blend of fiction with hometown nuances” — Allan Reay

General Information:
Book Length – Approximately 130,000 words.
Available in a Perfect Bound Softcover (8″x5″) from Amazon – 388 pages.
Author imposed rating of PG-13 due to the violent nature of the story, however, the novel is suitable for teens.


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