GOOGLE: How to Build and Market Your Business with Google (Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge Series – Vol. 4)

| July 8, 2013


GOOGLE: How to Build and Market Your Business with Google (Give Your Marketing a Digital Edge Series - Vol. 4)

How can you, as a small business, make the most of the vast array of tools that Google has to offer?

There is no doubt that we have a massive reliance on Google for our entire online experience. People worldwide are googling more than a billion times a day to find information, but Google is not just the world’s number one search engine.
It offers a raft of services from the familiar YouTube to others you may not know about. Let Gabriela Taylor, an online marketing pro certified in AdWords and Analytics, save you time and money by explaining everything Google has to offer and how to take advantage of it. You’ll learn how to:
  • Set up for Success with Google’s Productivity Tools: Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Drive & Chrome
  • Gather Internet Intelligence: Keyword Tool, Google Suggest, Related Searches, AdPlanner, Finance & Google Trends
  • Establish an Online Presence: Blogger, Sites, Wallet & Shopping
  • Understand the Power of SEO and the Keys to Findibility
  • Expand an Online Presence and Interact with Your Community: Google+, YouTube & News
  • Grow Your Business with Paid Advertising: AdWords
  • Monetize Your Content: AdSense
  • Feature On Daily Deals: Google Offers
  • Monitor Brand, Industry and Competitors: Google Alerts
  • Track, Measure and Improve: Analytics & Webmaster Tools


“The amount of information about utilizing Google that this book contains is amazing,” says one reviewer. “This is the be-all-end-all guide for business owners, both small and large, in terms of how to use Google to your advantage and build up your site. It contains everything from how to set up pay-per-click ads, how to get featured as a Daily Deal, and how to expand your business through targeted ads and interaction with your online community. Any business, from a brand new upstart to a major brand name, could benefit from the information in this book and you’d be crazy not to make the investment in buying it. Extremely valuable and highly recommended.”

From the Author

I write my books with a lot of dedication and from the heart. I have a passion for online marketing and for supporting and encouraging others to make the changes that can grow their online businesses.  Online marketing is an ever-evolving industry and, as such, keeping up with the latest trends can be challenging.
My books are aimed to small businesses, startups and those who are looking to take their businesses online for the first time. I have a lot of experience in the industry and I want to share my knowledge and insights with people who are looking to maximize their online potential. As well as writing books I also run my own consultancy firm specializing in helping businesses with their online presence and authors with publishing and promoting their books online.
I hope you enjoy my books and I’d appreciate any feedback.  I’m always looking to challenge myself and improve the way that I work and openly encourage my readers and clients to let me know what I can do differently in the future.

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