The National Liar

| July 8, 2013


The National Liar

Why can’t country music superstar Taylor Swift keep a boyfriend? Why does British music executive Simon Cowell insist on bringing singing competitions to the United States? For years, the mainstream media has been lying to us about the true nature of these stories, and so many more. However, the truth can finally be revealed in the National Liar, and of course, it’s more shocking than anyone could ever expect.

Inside you’ll find:
How the Kardashians were able to become so famous
The truth behind Justin Bieber’s antics in Amsterdam
Why Tyra Banks has been lying about going to Harvard Business School
A One Direction member’s guilty reality TV pleasure

And much more!

(Note: This is a parody of a celebrity gossip tabloid, meant to highlight and mock the bizarre sensationalism of that industry. It is not intended to be taken as the truth.)

Cover art designed by Jenny Lee, a graphic designer based in New York City. Her designs can be found at


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