A Spirit by the name of Jack in the world of Sunset. The Chronicles of a traveling Spirit

| April 15, 2017


Migration of souls or reincarnation, what is it? Is our soul eternal, and only changes bodies? Or perhaps it travels not just from one person to another, but can also live in an animal, or a plant, or maybe a beautiful tropical butterfly…
People have asked themselves these questions over and over for thousands of years.
Modern science knows of many real cases of reincarnation, and scientific studies confirm that our souls travel between bodies.
But lets imagine, that our souls also travel between worlds. Imagine that your child’s soul once lived in a world of intelligent insects, or in a world of intelligent crystals, or a world where magic is normal. The power and knowledge, accumulated by our souls in other worlds and lives, sometimes turn up in our world. More and more children appear with unusual knowledge and powers, and this can frighten them and their parents, who cannot explain what’s happening.
How to accept the child as he is, with all his uniqueness? How to teach the child to not fear his own individuality? How to show this child the way to development and perfection?
This children’s fantasy story about a wandering soul called Jack will help you understand all this!
Thirst for new knowledge draws Jack into undiscovered worlds, and chance leads him to a magical world of Sunset.
Discovering the history of this magical world, learning magic, fun adventures, amazing experiments, and magical friends – all this awaits Jack in the world of Sunset.

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