From Grunt to CEO: Start a business in one month and live of passive income (The 30 Days Challenge)

| April 15, 2017


Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? The dream of becoming a CEO is just a month away.

With the right guide you can stop working for others and work for yourself.

Nine to Five is a terrible lifestyle. Employees exchange their valuable time to make money for somebody else who works less but makes more. How is that fair?
Stop working for others and find people who work for you. As the owner and CEO of your own online business you will make more money and have the freedom to use it for pleasure.

Do you think you have what it takes to become your own CEO? Getting out of the rat race is no easy task, but with the right guidance and help it is a lot easier than you might think.
What differentiates successful business owners from grunt employees is not, that the CEO is some kind of genius, but that they believed in their potential and know how to use it. And so can you.

You too can become a CEO. Really. Take the 30 days challenge and focus all you got on your future.
You will be guided through the first 30 days from wanting to starting a business to quitting your day job and becoming a full-time CEO.

Here some more of what you will learn:

  • The Mindshift from Employee to Business Owner
  • Find the best type of business for your situation
  • Learn how to pick the perfect niche for your online business
  • How to do prommer Market Research for instant success
  • Learn to manage the Logistics of your Business
  • Create an online presence that sells
  • How to expand as soon as possible
  • Lern the tactics to keep your brand fresh and relevant
  • How to outsource 90% of your work
  • and more

So what are you waiting for? Just 30 days can be the difference between hating your life and loving it.

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