The Dress-Up Detectives: Go To Bunny Land!

| April 15, 2017


The Dress-Up Detectives are on the case!

Julia, her sister Rosie and their neighbor Sydney are just playing make-believe when suddenly the ancient trunk that holds the dress-ups becomes a magical portal! The girls are transported to Bunny Land, where a mamma bunny has sadly lost her baby and desperately needs help. The girls know that they must become detectives and help out the classy mamma bunny. Solving the case takes them all over Bunny Land — including a delicious sweets store where they meet a magician squirrel!

Unfortunately, the girls were not the only ones transported to Bunny Land. Sydney’s two cats have come along for the adventure… and they are up to no good. If the cats solve the mystery first, they can become humans, and the girls will have to stay in Bunny Land forever!

Who will solve the case first?

Join Julia, Sydney, and Rosie on their magical journey. They’ve got purses, heels, dresses… and lots of brains. Are you ready to find some clues?

Let’s go!

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