The right direction

| April 16, 2017


When a broken heart start to love again…

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Here Is A Preview Of This Love Story

It starts with the slam of a door and a rush of cold air. Then there’s a body pressing near to her as a hand reaches above hers to grab a bag from the shelf. “Sorry,” a voice says, one Vi assumes is attached to whomever is still standing near her. “In a hurry.”
Vi turns to give this guy a piece of her mind and freezes. She waits for her mouth to catch up to her mind which is screaming at her to close her mouth, she looks like a guppy, but the man only gives her a slight grin with a once over and Vi deflates, all thoughts of indignation disappearing, “No problem.”
“Anyway,” the man shrugs, “Thanks,” he holds the bag of chocolate chips, “My cookies wouldn’t be the same without them.”
“Right, no,” Vi clears her throat, “I expect they wouldn’t.”
“Well, see you around,” the man says, looking her up and down again before catching her eyes and smiling. Turning on his heel, the man walks down the aisle and toward the checkout. Vi can’t help how her eyes follow him as he goes.

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