Habitation of Meditation: Guide for Beginners for Relieving Stress and Reaching Happiness

| April 16, 2017


Meditation is one of the very few significant practices that go back longer than the collective human mind can remember. Well over five-thousand years old, the very practice itself has been around since before scholars could write about it. Perhaps the most commonly known association with meditation though is Buddha. Buddha himself was not the jolly, topless, man that you often see depicted in golden statues. When he walked the earth, no man, woman, or child would have thought to put his image into a statue or painting.

You probably heard about meditation and maybe saw on the Internet or on TV, but never tried. 
You feel exhausted and unhappy, let me introduce you to the world of happiness and No Stress Life. You don’t have to spend a lot of money and time to begin to meditate and this book will help you in that. I introduce 10 techniques for beginners and I cover things like:

  1. The Zen Method

  2. The Lotus Position

  3. Walking Meditation

  4. Visualization Meditation

  5. The Mantra.

I hope you will enjoy the new world!

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