Barren Waters

| April 17, 2017


Nominated! 2017 Global Ebook Awards! Best Science Fiction Novel Winner to be announced August 13, 2017

“This book will grab you from the first chapter and keep you riveted throughout.” Amazon Reviewer

“I just recently made the jump into post apocalyptic novels, and this will be one of my favorites.”Amazon Reviewer

“It gets under your skin, it makes you think, it challenges your comfort zone and triggers some buried fear.”Amazon Reviewer

“Fiction. Yet possibly a prophecy of things to come if we don’t change our ways. Good story, well thought out characters and as a diabetic it scared the bejesus out of me.” Amazon Reviewer

It happened once before…
It was called the Permian Extinction…
All life in the oceans died…
And now it’s happening again…

Sometimes life ends with a bang. Other times it ends with a slow strangulation. The oceans are extinct. Empty. Stagnant. Only the slow passage of time can reverse the effects. But what does that mean for the rest of the planet? What does that mean for those who remain?

Enter the world as it exists in the twenty-second century. Follow Jeremy Colt and his family, as they race across the continent to survive. What waits for them in San Diego? Why do they need to get there? The clock is ticking. Can they get there fast enough? And if they do, will it even save her?

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