Christy’s win over her fear! “I’m not afraid anymore!”

| April 17, 2017


Christy’s win over her fear! “I’m not afraid anymore!”
You will be inspired by the incredible story about Christy’s fears! You will learn how a little girl became a winner over the fears in her brain. All children have fears and this story will help your babies overcome their fears! Find out how you can do it!
Christy sat in the kitchen with her mom. Mom gave her a glass of milk and a cookie for a snack while she did her homework. Her mom worked late at night at the hospital and Christy was glad she was home with her after school every day. She thought it was a good time to ask about the dark.
“Mom, can I ask you something?”
“You know you can,” said her mom with a smile. Her mom walked to the kitchen table and sat down with Christy.
“I know I am a big girl now, but I am afraid of the dark.”


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