A Hundred Sonnets

| April 17, 2017


Perchance you wish to read classic poesy
But without browsing through those from olden times?
Verse that seethes sentimentality,
Dense with much depth, and all rich in rhymes?

Then delve into these lyrics of fourteen lines,
Set in three quatrains and a couplet.
See how Love with Prosody entwines,
–The lush intercourse that breeds the love sonnet.

Just as how Laura’s worshiped by Petrarch;
How Dante’s love for Beatrice Time shan’t efface;
How Boccaccio’s lit by Fiammetta’s spark;
These poems shall laud the fair Lady Grace.

Sense an aura, true to days of yore;
Open this book, and feast in a hundred more.

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