Author interview with Jennifer Hooper of ‘How to deal with Anxiety’

Author Interview with Jennifer Hooper

We want to be calmer. We also want to feel good about ourselves, and we want to deal with anxiety! We can achieve ALL of these goals with the newest release from the founder of the Interim Method TM, by Jennifer Hooper, Clinical Recovery Director at Jennifer Hooper Enterprise, called How to Deal with Anxiety. Based on these exciting teachings, you will learn about all the dramatic benefits of feeling calmer and more positive. This book is built around a very clear, concept: be happier.



Feel better, feel calmer and feel happier! Jennifer Hooper, the author of ‘How to Deal with Anxiety’ has joined me today to chat about how her advice and book have developed to give readers steps to enjoy their lives move. Jennifer thanks for chatting with me today, and I’m eager to get straight down to finding out where the ideas behind this novel developed. Can you expand on this development a bit for me?

The idea came about November 2016 to confront my own anxiety about writing.



Did you have much knowledge about the field of anxiety before you started working to confront your own anxiety?

I have been researching since 2010 the field of mental health.



Were personal experiences also a component that helped guide your exploration of the field?

Definitely. You can read all about it on my Amazon Author Profile.



For our readers who may not be able to get straight onto your author profile at the moment, on your profile page you share that even as a young child you found a flair for poetry and writing which has followed you and provides an outlet of expression through major life events. And you also work within the field of mental health. Can you detail a little more of your work within this field?

Most of the time I run a busy Private Practice as a Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Coach and Critical Incident Debriefer. Since 2008 I have been in training every year to get better and better at what I do, so I can integrate major and minor theories and interventions in an inventive ‘creative way’.



And by what message did you craft within this book from your experience and research that you hope others can take away?

You can be successful if you are ready and determined.



Was crafting this message with creative flair the most rewarding aspect of seeing this book progress, or were you struck by a greater personal reward?

Writing another 6 book manuscripts on different topics in this particular genre of mental health and becoming an author. Making it a goal to get these online.



Wow, I can see how writing six books in the field and getting them all online would be greatly rewarding. What processes do you use to get these ideas from out of your head and slotted in nicely to each book?

I have learnt very quickly that experienced authors have a plan and have mastered the book writing and even publishing process over a few years or even in a short space of time like me. It took me since November 2016, just four months day and night reading and researching to get a formula and I was on my way to getting online in March 2017!



That is fast progress. What techniques do you use keep yourself work at such a rapid pace?

I aim to get my book done in 3 weeks; three drafts. It is an exhausting exercise, but because I want to get my publishing business off the ground, it makes sense. Then I try to park the manuscript for a few weeks before touch it again.



And when you pick it up again are you doing much of the editing yourself?

I do 3 edits and I have a team now that I can call on.



Have you found that you’ve run into writer’s block much during this period of time? And if so, can you tell us a little about what’s worked to get yourself back to focusing on the page?

Find someone who knows what they are talking about in this business and there are lots of people as you can see online on Amazon selling books



Yes, there are so many people online giving so much advice on how to sell books, it really is an amazing that so much information is at your fingertips. Do you find that there’s any music that keeps your fingers tapping at the keyboard?

I like classical music and classic salsa in the background. I even watch a few property shows in between on TV at locations around the world to keep the dream going to visit these places.



Aside from your dream to travel, what has drawn you to the dream of writing?

I am writing to help my clients and readers of these kinds of books. To thank peers who believe in me and to show some people ‘my own creative process’ in this field.



Can you tell us a little about the book that is currently being tackled by your ‘own creative process’?

How to Deal With Depression. Anxiety and depression is a growing problem and I see a lot of clients with these generic themes looking at ways to work with me to reduce and get rid of the presenting problem.



From the outside of the mental health world, it really does appear that depression and anxiety are increasing problems within society to be resolved. And it is obvious that you are keen to improve the lives of others through your dedication to working within the field of mental health.   Before you return to supporting others with their mental health challenges, I’d like to pose some quick fire questions to you to see if we can find out a little more about the person behind the author. Let’s kick it off with: Do you have any philosophies that you live by?

If someone says anything negative see if you can improve on that feedback. We all have great talents. The talents we are less skilled at we can learn, like me ‘throwing myself head first’ into book writing and publishing.



And you’ve already made it to the publishing stage so I think you personally demonstrated you follow your philosophy. Let’s move to bite sized philosophy now; what is your favourite quote?

Failure is only feedback.



What is your favourite ocean?

Atlantic Ocean



Are you introvert or extrovert?




What is your favourite line, quote or statement from your book?

Be happier



Do you have any tips for self-publishing for other authors?

Please read the Preface poem in my book, that says it all.



I will make sure that I read it. What is your best tip for authors?

Someone said to me just write and be yourself. I agree.



Be yourself is great advice. What is your favourite word?




I love that word too. It always makes me think of an explosion of colour and talent. Is there a question that you haven’t been asked that you’d like to be, or anything that didn’t come up?

How many books do you intend to write? Watch this space is the answer.



*Laughs* And your answer is the reason I never ask that question. You ask an author how many books they want to write and I think the true answer is infinite! I hope that you can get as many of these books completed as you possibly can! Jennifer, thanks for sharing your debut as an author with through ‘How to Deal with Anxiety’ with me and I wish you the best of luck for your burgeoning career as an author and I hope to see your next release soon!


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