Void Beast

| April 18, 2017


The world isn’t a safe place anymore. And with the rash of recent kidnappings, Takeo Johnson, or “TJ” as his father calls him, doesn’t understand how anyone still manages to feel safe in leaving their house.

A towering African-American who is well-versed in martial arts, TJ is a lone wolf in every sense of the word, considering that he comes from a long line of werewolves. To him, being one is both a blessing and a curse. Over the years, TJ had learned that transforming into a wolf just reduced his control over himself. So, with the help of his father, he learned how to harness his energy, superhuman strength, and speed without having to transform into the creature itself. This came in handy, especially when his powers were needed and the full moon was nowhere in sight.

Through the years, TJ had always dedicated his life to helping others, especially when a number of young girls started to go missing recently. With this dedication came intensive training in the ways of the ninja. Not only has TJ become a powerful human with many immunities, he could almost defeat an enemy without harnessing his wolf powers… almost.

Then, there were the zombies. The earth had undergone terrible wars. Not surprisingly, with modern advancement resulting in biological warfare, a virus had developed, turning anyone who was not naturally immune, or superhuman, into a zombie. Anyone who wasn’t infected either fell victim or hid themselves to survive.

TJ’s father is his biggest ally, and he teaches TJ everything he knows. Before the zombie apocalypse, his father was a captain in the military and had fought in the wars leading to the near extinction of the human race. The werewolves were shallow in numbers at that time, having been used as weapons in the war and then discarded after chemical warfare eradicated them.

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