Prison Possibilities Corrections Coaches: Concept

| April 18, 2017


Correctional Officers primarily keep people in jail and in control. Corrections Coaching could be an upward progression for correctional officers to grow their skill and their service to prisoners, facilities and the community.

The upgrade to coach status would include a utility for the prisoners, facilities and the communities that is new and multi-dimensional. The new role would include the use of skill to help the prisoners, facilities and the community by embracing a peaceful sentence serving and/or a realistic path to rehabilitation and release if they both work to make it possible.

This may not be right for every community and there may be some resistance to the concept. That position is part of the process of re-evaluation which is needed to improve prospects for living inside and/or rehabilitation and/or release.

There is not a clear path to the rehabilitation that I am proposing but the only thing that is abundantly clear is that we are not now being successful enough in that area.

Correctional officers are more familiar with most prisoners than any other contact within the system. That familiarity with sufficient time and opportunity can be a great asset in understanding the motivations of prisoners and discovering all the partnering potential for cooperative effort and benefit.
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