7 Minutes

| April 18, 2017


For one man, seven minutes is a lifetime.

Keyaan was born to lead. The path for his ascension to the throne had been mapped out by his father and he’d followed it to a tee. There had only been one distraction that had taken him off that path, but three years ago he’d locked her away – the woman that had almost driven him to insanity.

It was only a matter of time before his uncle died and he became the ruling Sheikh. Never mind those that called him a sadist. He wasn’t interested in the opinions of the masses. His focus was centered around one goal: eliminating the president that was fueling the war in his homeland.

Were some of the decisions he’d made unethical and borderline criminal? Yes.

Was he apologetic for any of them? No, not when it got the job done in the shadow games politicians played.

Now in his prime, Keyaan finds himself trapped in an obscure frame of mind, haunted by the memories of a deeply suppressed past. His only regret: the unyielding love he held for Ayana – the woman he’d once chosen to be with over the twenty years of hard work he’d put into becoming the Crown Prince.

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