The Two Sides of a Manned Mission to Mars: Or Should We Care About Space Exploration and Expansion Into the Universe? A Short Summary (The Two Sides Series Book 1)

| April 19, 2017


The need, the feasibility and the probability of organizing a successful manned mission to Mars has been a widely debated topic over the last few years, and various governments and private organizations, such as Mars One and SpaceX, are working tirelessly to make it happen. Should we send human astronauts to Mars and other planets? Could Martian astronauts find life or drive other scientific breakthroughs? Would robots do a better job? Is our technological capability advanced enough to pull this off? Should we save money and solve some of the more urgent problems on Earth? These are just some of the questions typically asked and as always, the answers are far from straight forward. In this book, we have tried to describe the two sides of this debate and have summarized the potential positives and negatives of a manned mission to Mars. Hope you will find it interesting and we want you to judge for yourself which side of the argument is more compelling.


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