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| April 19, 2017


Achieve a Unique and Dynamic Balance in Life Like You Have Never Experienced Before!

The word VerAegis signifies a unique and dynamic balance in life. This fragile balance between relationships, contribution, and spirit is our key to orchestrating a meaningful and lasting legacy. VerAegis is an evocative word derived from Veracity and Aegis, together invoking the essence of courage–being considerately courageous.

Develop and Nurture Fulfilling Relationships

Relationships are vital to our success and are more fulfilling when we each contribute; using our strengths to complement and build up rather than trample, manipulate, exploit, and criticize. Relationships are too important to leave to chance and require maintenance similar to our homes and automobiles. We mustn’t wait for a complete breakdown, then rush in with emergency equipment attempting to repair the damage that may not be repairable. Our relationships and thus our effectiveness suffer when we fail to utilize our strengths to continuously nurture our loved ones, but instead dwell on our weaknesses, and the shortcomings of others, neglecting those we love the most. It’s time to learn a new way to live.

??? Relationships Require Continuous Learning

Live beyond your comfort zone. What have you learned today about those you love the most? Ponder underlying motivations and the meanings of maturity, trust, and understanding. Learn the value of setting appropriate boundaries based on convictions and principles. Master techniques to improve your closest relationships and discover how to expertly manage change, implement parallel thinking, and perfect the art of reconciliation. Become a positive force doing good for others and inspiring them to “pay it forward.” Foster fulfilling relationships. Live your life, touch another! Can you imagine a better way to create a legacy?

??? Our Response, Action or Inaction, is Our Choice

We all face times of stress, heartache, and pain; how we respond is our choice. Dare to live life to its fullest. Endeavor to direct your lasting legacy.

Read all the books of the Legacy Series and dare to be VerAegis.

  • Develop and nurture fulfilling relationships.
  • Establish a meaningful and lasting contribution.
  • Moreover, Ignite an unstoppable spirit.

Coming soon: VerAegis LifeLine (Book 4), is a comprehensive guide that leads you, your family, friends, and colleagues through a step by step process to achieve balance. Ultimately, with balance and newly developed skills, we significantly expand our comfort zones and confidently orchestrate our legacies.

??? Why VerAegis?

VerAegis is an evocative word derived from Veracity and Aegis, together invoking the essence of courage; being courageous:

  • Courage and veracity represent truth, honor, integrity, and the adherence to principles such as the golden rule; the simultaneous application of courage to stand up for one’s beliefs and consideration to listen confidently in order to understand the beliefs and convictions of others.
  • Aegis represents our spiritual connection with and protection by a higher authority, and our internal struggle to resist temptations; to do and to be good.

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