The Damned and The Pure Series: Books 1-4 (The Damned and The Pure Series Box Set)

| April 19, 2017


Heaven is preparing for the Second Coming

But Hell has other plans…

A war is brewing between Heaven and Hell and the human world is the battleground. An imprisoned angel is given a second chance at redemption and is sent on a mission to pave the way for The Second Coming. In her way stands a renegade demon tasked to play a part in Hell’s grand plan.

But things are not all as they seem as the angel Ariel begins to question her mission and the demon Caelum finds himself drawn to Ariel. The two pawns from both sides are caught up in the middle of a conspiracy that could bring about the damnation of the whole world.

In The Damned and the Pure series, a battle for unimaginable power is at hand and the fate of humanity is at stake. And the only hope for salvation rests on the unlikely alliance of a disgraced angel and a cunning demon with a mysterious secret of his own.

Q & A with the Author

What is The Damned and the Pure series about?

It’s about Ariel and Caelum, an angel and a demon, and a war between Heaven and Hell. A conspiracy with them at the center of it has been brewing for centuries and they are trying to survive and protect humanity at the same time with the allies they gathered along the way from the damage the war is causing. It is a battle between good and evil but with a twist.

Why should readers check out The Damned and the Pure series?

Because The Damned and the Pure isn’t your typical supernatural fantasy series. This series falls in the genres of Christian fantasy, supernatural fantasy, mystery, suspense, and thriller. It also features characters that are not your conventional heroes. This will allow you to see angels and demons from a different angle.

The Damned and the Pure is an action-packed series with a good dose of mystery and suspense. The characters are unlike any you’ve read about before. There are a lot of twists and turns throughout the series that will surely keep you intrigued. There’s never a dull moment in The Damned and the Pure and it’s truly a page-turner.

What makes your books any different from the other good vs. evil books out there?

The archetype of good are not always good and the archetype of bad aren’t exactly so bad in my series. The conflict between Heaven and Hell is also seen in a different perspective in the books. I also used what a lot already know about the supernatural but added my own touch to them.

How would you describe Ariel and Caelum?

Ariel may come off as naïve at first but she is a very faithful and kind angel with a no nonsense attitude. Caelum is a charming, principled, and manipulative demon with a sense of humor. They are almost complete opposites which makes their interactions really interesting.

How did you come up with the story of your series?

I’ve always been a fan of supernatural, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. I’m also fascinated by how the supernatural beings and their world work. So I played with the idea of a story that would put all of these things together, and in this case, I wanted to give more depth to angels and demons. And then I created a storyline that became my books.


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