The Battles: A Fabulous Odyssey Seeking The Secret of Success and Positive Thinking.

| April 20, 2017


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Whatever your Big Dream is, it’s never too late to achieve it. Embark on a spectacular journey that will change your life.

Have you ever wondered what the secret of success is? This self-help workbook carries the answers in a creative new way.

Set in the year 3000 in a dystopian future where humanity has fallen from its highest potential, Magnus Battles decides to save mankind from the approaching apocalypse.

He sets up a series of arduous challenges and selects 5 young people who will compete for the ultimate prize, a magic amulet granting supernatural powers. Thus, the winner of The Battles will lead humanity toward a brighter tomorrow.

But first, Magnus must deal with the Bad Forces’ mole, whose task is to undermine his noble plans. Will he succeed?

Magnus Battles’ lessons are based on a proven system, elaborated long time ago by Wallace D. Wattles, author of The Science of Getting Rich.

In this 6-Step Success Bootcamp you will learn how to:

  • Unclutter your mind, boost your brain function and focus on your goals,
  • Prepare your body for success and improve your overall health and fitness,
  • Define your life purpose and know what you want, 
  • Dream big,
  • Believe in yourself and in your goals,
  • Find your strongest faculties and improve your strengths,
  • Acquire active power consciousness (and discover what that is),
  • Identify your excuses and get rid of your “ifs”,
  • Stop being a puppet and take control of your life,
  • Make this planet a better place, by taking the right actions for yourself.

Be the Next Hero! Unleash your unsuspected potentials and faculties you already possess.

If you want a proven success blueprint, jam-packed with positive energy and best motivational quotes, then you’ll love this uplifting narration including authentic how-to-get-what-you-want exercises by the most influential architect of the Law of Attraction, Wallace D. Wattles.

Buy The Battles today and reshape your future!


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