The Adventures of Bertie and Shelly

| April 20, 2017


Somewhere in this land, a giraffe called Bertie and a baby elephant called Shelly became very good friends. Once they came to the river, flopping down into the muddy water, rolling and splashing about, trumpeting and snorting. Suddenly, a crocodile lurched out of the water and clamped its jaws around the elephant’s trunk, pulling the victim into the river. Lucky for Shelly, his friend couldn’t bear to let him die. To learn more from happy tails of rescue, read the story.

  • Full-color professional illustrations with funny scenes
  • A good story that will benefit your child
  • Reading that can help your child to approach difficult topics in a safe environment
  • A story that can trigger emotional behavior of your child through the medium of fiction thus growing child’s ability to regulate and control emotions
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