Black Sheep No More: Overcome Social Phobia, Lack of Self-Worth and Other Personal Limitations. Create a Joyful Life

| April 21, 2017


There is life after social alienation!

We are social beings and all our lives happen in a social context. However, for some people being social is a source of pain, frustration and disempowerment instead of comfort, friendship, support and joy. I call these people black sheep.

If you are one of them, you may have been searching for long for a way to break out of the shackles of your limitations caused by the discomfort of interacting with others. This book has been designed to do just that.

Written by an ex-black sheep who successfully overcome her fears and limiting beliefs around social interaction, the first part of the book will provide you with an understanding of the core issues we need to tackle if you want to leave behind social phobia, lack of self-worth and other personal limitations.

The second part contains many tools and exercises, including social skills development, all tried and successfully used by the author, to move you out of victimhood and pain.

The last part gives you a manifestation roadmap with detailed description of each step and some extra “tricks” that will make it much earlier for you to create positive changes in your life.

Using the techniques and tactics laid out in this book, in a little less than a year I went from being an anti-social hermit to a person who can be comfortable in social situations. Black Sheep No More will help you do the same. You can do it!


– Introduction
– A Word of Encouragement
– Socially Handicapped?
– The Ego and the Shadow
– Stumbling Blocks on the Road of Change
– The Many Forms of Self-Sabotage
– Manifesting Consciously
– Upgrade Your Communication Skills
– Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
– Working With the Body to Process Emotional Stuff
– Aim for Independence
– Create New Life Habits
– Making Your Dreams Happen
– Manifestation Roadmap
– Manifestation Exercise Step by Step
– What’s Next?

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