| July 10, 2013



If you knew you would be dead tomorrow, how would you spend your last night?

Eric Rose stands at the foot of his parents’ graves and watches their coffins
disappear into the ground below. He’s not angry, he’s not sad; he feels nothing at all.
A senseless and random act of violence took them from this world.
They were in the wrong place at the wrong time.Or so he thought…As a conspiracy to derail his family’s business unravels, so too will the lives of every

person involved. Eric will stop at nothing to ensure the ultimate price is paid.He will be their reckoning. No one can escape CAUSALITY.

Causality is decidedly dark and very twisted. 

It’s a tale of love and loss, good vs. evil, murder and revenge. 
Confronting, gory, and violent; this revenge thriller will make you skin crawl!


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