TIER Unit 3-1, Day One: Attacked

| April 22, 2017


A terror cell spread far and wide … a series of random targets … five days to take them down.

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When a series of jihad-inspired “lone wolf” style attacks hits Los Angeles, tracking down the seemingly unconnected terror cells appears impossible. However, recently returned from a suspension, Jack Miller rallies his Terror Incident Emergency Response Unit – TIER Unit 3-1 – and takes over from an overstretched LAPD.

But as Jack’s elite squad battles to hunt the people responsible, a man of great intelligence – driven by a hatred not even he can control – prepares his soldiers for war.

TIER Unit 3-1 sees Jack Miller attempt to first win over his team and his superiors, then bring in a terrorist mastermind whose endgame cannot yet be seen.

Day One: Attacked is the first of five novellas pursuing this story over the course of a thrilling 5-book action-adventure series.


Q: What’s the conceit here? Why five books?

A: The idea is to structure the adventure like a TV series. Five books laid out in which each “episode” sees a different objective within a bigger whole. Inspired by shows like Quantico, 24, Homeland.

Q: So it’s not like a series of cliffhangers?

A: Not like a guy with a gun to his head or falling out of a helicopter, then “duh-duh-duuuuh!” Fade to black. No. The days are complete, but the ultimate goal in the story – to catch the terrorist mastermind – is not resolved until the fifth and final book. For example, the first book deals with the initial attacks, the second deals with the aftermath and the revenge attacks getting more personal, then the third acts on information acquired in the second, and so on.

Q: And they’re shorter than most novels?

A: When a story doesn’t need to be 100,000 words, why not write it in 30-40,000? You see this with James Patterson and his “Bookshots” range, which are shorter, incredibly fast-paced novellas. That’s the kind of pace and tone I’m aiming for with the TIER Unit books.

Q: The story goes big. Do some say too big?

A: Early readers have suggested it goes quite bananas. But in a good way! It’s elevated reality, not a gritty treatise on the War on Terror. If you want reality and social commentary, there are plenty of books and documentaries for that; if you want entertainment, try the TIER Unit series.


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