Journey To The Heart Of The World

| April 22, 2017


“The world is so weary and filled with fear; our souls are longing now for enchantment and hope. John Lundin has traveled to the heart of things, emerging with the light that guides our fearful hearts back home.” — Marianne Williamson, Author of A Return to Love

“John Lundin has written a book that carries ancient wisdom, wrapped in a vision quest, inside an adventure story.” — Michael Brune, Executive Director, Sierra Club


A parable-like work of fiction reminiscent of the work of Paulo Coelho, Journey to the Heart of the World was written while the author, John Lundin, was living among and learning from the indigenous tribes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in northern Colombia. Its message, both humanitarian and environmental, asks us to take heed of the messages of Nature and to care for the Earth and Her people, while also finding our own true place in the world as individual human beings.

Additional praise:

“A must read for every concerned and caring person on the planet! John Lundin’s Journey to the Heart of the World is an epic adventure filled with ancient wisdom that has been handed down from generation to generation since humans first began to understand their place in the Universe. Our very survival depends on heeding its call – to choose wisely as we meet the difficult challenges of the 21st century and beyond!”

— Laurence Overmire, poet, environmentalist and author of The One Idea That Saves The World: A Call to Conscience and A Call to Action

“There are other worlds on this beautiful planet of ours. What a tragedy that so many never experience them — their flowers, birds, butterflies, trees, and the peoples who live among them. So, it takes a dream to get this story’s hero to make his journey, but it is a profound one. Loving the natural world is not merely a spiritual prescription, but practical advice essential for our survival conveyed by those who live in closest contact to it.”

— Stuart Pimm – Global Chorus Contributor, Doris Duke Chair of Conservation in the Nicholas School at Duke University, president of

“One can only admire John Lundin’s commitment to seeking personal enlightenment by integrating his search for spiritual meaning, his love and concern for the natural world and the expression of these passions in an artistic statement. This novel is the story of a personal journey seeking universal truths that only the natural world can offer. It’s a tale for both young and old to learn and be inspired by.”

— Photojournalist Ed Kashi/VII

“When we begin a journey it leads us through some of the most amazing trails! One of these trails can be an inspiring step into a world filled with experiences that perhaps would seem to be a dream. Yet, it is real, then it’s surreal – because the sights and sounds around you are so illuminated by the elements in their most natural state, and the people are also illuminated in their relationship and understanding of the world. Journey to the Heart of the World, a novel by John Lundin, is a subtle reminder that there are experiences and trails that lead us to the top of the mountain where one will see the world from a whole new perspective. Reading the book gave me moments of wonder and a knowing smile – I could relate.

– Mona Polacca, Havasupai, Hopi, Tewa, International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers

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