The Falling Kind

| April 23, 2017


We all experience love in different ways – sometimes it comes on as a slow burn that gradually builds over time, but for others it’s a fierce love on fire from the moment it begins.

Sydney Summers only knows love that ends too soon – which is why she pours her heart and soul into rescuing every animal that comes into her vet clinic.

Cole Mason on the other hand, he only loves tacos, and simply wants out of the dangerous life he’s been pulled into. But when his world collides with Sydney’s, he realizes there is so much more to want.

That type of love – the kind of love that takes your breath away in the simplest of moments – the kind of love you can’t turn away from because it surrounds you and you have no choice but to surrender to it – that love is the falling kind…

But it’s not always easy to hang on to.

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