Staying Healthy And Happy

| April 24, 2017


A smart little mouse, named Mr. Consequences, arrives just in time to stop young Billy from making a bad choice. In the simplest way, the mouse explains the importance of choosing well and what can happen to those who do not when it comes to smoking, alcohol, and drug use.

Everyone has the ability to become great at something, Billy is told. However, these substances can get in the way of that by causing a person to lose interest in learning and developing their own greatness. They can even damage a person’s health over a period of time. Health and happiness go together.

Mr. Consequences leaves Billy knowing that the young lad now understands the importance of making good choices. And Billy is left with a greater sense of self-assurance, planning on being healthy and happy his whole life long.

(The author hopes that this little story will plant the seed of self-protection and self-worth in a child so that when he or she is confronted with options, good choices are made.)

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