Flying Escapades

| April 25, 2017


Flying Escapades- tragic, hair-raising and hilarious flying stories

Life is most interesting, and even more so when you recognize that there is the world that we see, and also one that we cannot see. I am talking about the spiritual world, which although unseen is nevertheless very real. Recent movies such as ‘Heaven is Real’ and ‘Miracles from Heaven’ convey this message. I have heard personal life stories from people who have experienced miracles and even some who have had angelic encounters.

For those who question the reality of the unseen spiritual world, I would say that there is abundant evidence to show that it is very real. Consider intangibles such as love, faith, hope, and joy – all very real but yet you can’t see them.
So that leads us to the next question: Does the unseen spiritual world affect the physical world that we can see and touch?

Further, are there spiritual ‘laws’ that if followed will result in a greater spiritual harvest of joy, peace, and love?
This book highlights flying experiences that I have had and those of others that I have met on my journey that illustrate this. Consider it a treasure hunt as you read and see if you can find the gems along the way.

•Can You See the Lighthouse Yet?
•Lighthouse under Attack
•Madder than a Hatter
•Trip around the world.. or would you believe to Texas?
•Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring!
•A Lesson in Prayer
•Boot Camp in Tennessee
•Blown off the Runway in North Carolina
•That Cute Gal at Trinity!
•Clover in the Cockpit!!
•Christian Pilots Association
•Now that’s a STOL take-off!
•Facing a Giant!
•Paper thin walls at 50 below zero!
•A White Indian?
•The Bald Eagle of Takli
•Scary Lear Jet descent
•Engine Out at Night!
•Are you all Mooneys?

The stories range from an aircraft getting blown off the runway in North Carolina to a Learjet descending through a snow storm in northern British Columbia, Canada with a flight crew ignoring the minimum altitude required.

Another story deals with a tragic crash on a stormy night with a Learjet 35 doing a Medivac mission to an island off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. At night and in bad weather, why did the pilots make a simple mistake that cost them and the three nurses on board their lives?

Then there is the situation with a high time JAARS pilot who does the unimaginable in a Helio Courier at a small airport in northern Alberta, scaring the pants off the young gas jockey.

And we couldn’t forget the Mooney that lost engine power at night over Seattle or the effect of vertigo on a pilot taking off at night from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island.

And why in the world would a government immigration agent act like someone in the Gestapo when dealing with the passengers in a Mooney aircraft?

It would be hard to explain why a top ranking fighter pilot squadron leader almost got court marshaled for dropping bombs on the enemy who was shooting at his squadron, and how a telegram saved his bacon.
Some stories tragic, some hair-raising and some hilarious, all keep the reader riveted to the pages.

“Upon reading, I was fascinated by the magic of simplicity, my enjoyment of the kindness, and the lack of aggression the story unfolded with. I loved the writing and the smoothness of the words along with the many anecdotes that took me to different settings with a content smile on my face. “Flying Escapades” is recommended by me to all my friends and adventurous people. Can’t wait for a new release by Geof Woodford.”
-Leonardo Varela

“Man of extraordinary talent full of adventure and faith in the almighty a book you won’t be able to put down a master piece of local and international adventure in the high blue yonder!!

Five star recommendation.”

Gordon McGee.

Buy now and enjoy a truly exhilarating read!

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