Duchess of Cornwall

| April 26, 2017


In the early part of the first millennia, King Uther Pendragon, the heir of Brittany befriends the Duke of Cornwall, a young man by the name of Gorlois. Together they repel the Saxons’ uprising and celebrate their victory during a feast hosted by the king in Pendragon’s castle. Attending the feast is Igraine, the Duchess of Cornwall. It is not long before King Uther falls in love with Igraine. Merlin the magician intervenes and ensures that the king joins her in the Tintagel Castle where Igraine has taken refuge when a battle erupts between Uther and Gorlois. Following the death of the Duke of Cornwall, Igraine is married to King Uther. Will Igraine and Uther find happiness in each other’s arms? Could their progeny ever be free of the stigma attached to their illicit love?


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