Titanstomper Book One – The Hintlebrac Helm

| May 23, 2014


Dylonicoboondeflikk Titanstomper is not your garden variety gnome. He’s as sneaky as a thief, deadly with his sword and brash enough to meet any challenge. Join Dylo as he ventures to an ancient castle to find an artifact that will grant him the awesome powers of a long-dead wizard, where the cocky gnome will discover an even greater treasure.

…Teekly scurried back to where Megna stood impatiently.
“Orcsbluff there, Big Chief Megna.” The wary goblin pointed to the place where the trail began to slope downward. “Gnome and dwarf… man and elf… stand… wait in Orcsbluff, Big Chief Megna.”
The giant turned and looked over his troops. Megna did not possess the mind of a dwarven general, but he had the experience of many battles and a few sound battle principles had lodged themselves within his brain. So he sent his gnoll soldiers into the woods to the right and the orcs were directed to the left. They had orders to descend the walls and attack from the flanks at their master’s command.
Megna motioned Mokar and Thleck forward to lead the way with the snarling toothy beasts. Kolla followed stoically behind the giant pushing her barrow of stones.
Teekly stood quietly, hoping to remain unnoticed.
Amsel stood, silent and unseen, watching the gnome and his companions, when the group of cur-faced gnolls crept by. The wizard could guess their intent by the lengths of rope that they carried. He watched them tie ropes to the three trees nearest the cliff, then they stood by each in groups of five, clenching their weapons and growling with ill-contained enthusiasm.
The eighteen orcs had considerably less success in the completion of their orders. The leader, a testy and stubborn brute named Obblak, had insisted on carrying all of the ropes himself. He gathered the heavy braids into a twisted bunch and slung them over his broad hunched shoulders. Then he moved off into the woods with several loose strands and his ugly troops trailing behind him.
After a few dozen yards, one of the strands snagged tight beneath a protruding tree root. Obblak was jerked to a stop. He stumbled back under his burden, tripped on the trailing ropes and crashed into his slow-witted followers. Obblak struggled frantically to free himself from the pile, but soon he was entrapped within a tangled bird’s nest of ropes, orcs and vegetation.
“Ugly blooks, ain’t dey?,” spoke Dylo quietly to Milland as they watched the twin ogre-giants descend the trial.
Milland’s eyes were pasted to the image of the frothing, snarling wolves and he did not reply.
Mokar and Thleck moved to the sides to make room for Megna. The colossal monster marched down the slope, the stone walls shivering with the step of each huge foot. He brought his momentum under control and came to a stop. Evil watery orbs of black peered down at the four companions, while rock-hard fingers curled into boulder-sized fists.
“Me Megna!,” he thundered. “Me King of Brownsteels!”
His bellows shook dust and pebbles from the canyon walls.
“Tokar dead! Tokar mighty warrior!” He pointed to a jagged scar that crossed his chest. “Tokar almost kill Megna! Gnome and dwarf kill Tokar! Megna kill gnome and dwarf!”
Dylo Titanstomper quickly unsheathed his enchanted blade and whipped the air in front of him.
“Ye can come an’ give ‘er a try, Rockbottom!,” challenged the cocky little gnome.
Megna snarled and reached back. Kolla place a boulder in his hand. He boomed forth a tremendous roar, the signal for his tribe to attack. He launched the heavy stone at the gnome, as Mokar and Thleck unleashed the wolves.
And three ropes snaked down the eastern wall.

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