The Pentacle War: Book One – Hearts In Cups

| July 12, 2013


The Pentacle War: Book One - Hearts In Cups

THE PENTACLE WAR: Book One – Hearts In Cups
Candace Gylgayton

Years ago, Brian, heir to the High Throne of the Pentarchy, left home and headed into the Tarrant Mountains on a private, undisclosed mission.  He never returned, yet was never declared dead.  Power abhors a vacuum and, with no legitimate heir there to take the high throne, civil war is brewing.  Taking the initiative, Hollin, the Duchess of Langstraad, declares that she will go in search of the errant prince.  Hollin, betrothed by her family to Brian when she was a child, possesses a ring which is attuned to the prince.  She proposes to use this as an arcane compass to find him.  The regent and council consent to Hollin’s plan, but only if she agrees to marry a candidate of their choosing to be made king if she should fail to find the prince.  Now, far from home, family or friends, Hollin must use her own gifts and abilities to track down the one man capable of restoring order to the kingdom.  Can one woman prevent the fall of night?  For time is running out and, as deeds of valor tangle with those of deceit, it is the many shifting facets of magic, in all its guises, that may soon determine the ultimate fate of the realm.  Where will the lust for power lead the unscrupulous – or the unwary? 


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