The Busy Parent’s Guide to Food

| April 29, 2017


We all want to eat healthy. We want to cook at home. We want to eat together as a family at the dinner table. But let’s be honest, parents are busy and these are challenging goals to accomplish. This book is meant to move the needle from, “bad diet” to “better diet”, but don’t let that word, “Diet”, throw you because this isn’t a fad diet book. This is a short book of adaptable tips to get you started and use your own personal food preferences to build better food habits. We address three challenges that parents face in the world of food: Eating Healthy, Eating Healthy on a Budget, and Eating Together as a Family. In this book you’ll find dozens of tips on each subject, many of which are backed by science. Use the ones that work for you and your family and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.

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