Reincarnation: Good News for Open-Minded Christians & Other Truth-Seekers

| April 29, 2017


For more than a thousand years reincarnation has been banned from mainstream Christian doctrine. But recently, a number of what look like credible reports of it have appeared in books and in the media. Can it actually happen, and if so, how might the reality of it impact followers of Jesus?

For two years the author produced and hosted a radio show called THE TRUTH ABOUT LIFE. In that capacity, he read and interviewed authors and researchers engaged in quests for truth, including medical doctors, parapsychologists, metaphysicians, quantum physicists, near death survivors, theologians, psychiatrists, psychologists, and all manner of researchers into the true nature of reality. What he learned led him to what he believes is an accurate view of the reality we inhabit.

It also led him to become a Christian.

In this book you will learn what he discovered—what life is actually all about, your life included—and what we ought to do about it.

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