| May 21, 2017


Will you enter the Rift?

”A must-read for lovers of science fiction”
”Engrossing Off-World Sci-Fi”
”His characterisations were brilliant. They made me care about Nate.”
”An Excellent Debut Sci-Fi Novel.”

When Nate Maddox arrives on a strange and distant moon for a long overdue holiday, he is given the opportunity of a lifetime; experience his past memories as physical re-creations. He is soon amazed to find himself exploring moments of his history thought long forgotten, such as playing in the park as a small boy, or times working for his father aboard his giant asteroid mining ship.

But exciting as that may be for Nate, his visit is going to be anything but relaxing. When a mysterious intruder arrives with murderous intent, Nate is caught well and truly in the middle.

Can he find out who this person is before another attempt is made? Or will the last memory he creates be that of his own death?

An alien festival, a plot to kill, a walk through the past; all this and more in Transitory

>>>Transitory is a fast paced Sci-Fi thriller<<<

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