The Mystery of Ghost Dancer Ranch

| May 1, 2017


Against their wishes, cousins Jacie Masters, (Punkin), and Hannah Roberts, (Boo), are thrown together for the summer at their grandparents’ Ghost Dancer Ranch. What starts as a very boring summer turns dangerous when they find themselves in the middle of an insidious plot to steal the ranch and turn it into a Casino. By clinging to their faith, and with the help of a guardian angel and Jack Wilson, a young Native American man who hopes to lead his people back to prosperity and power through the resurrection of the Ghost Dancer Religion, Punkin and Boo overcome all obstacles to solve the mystery and save the ranch.

In the best tradition of Franklin W. Dixon’s Hardy Boy Mysteries and Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, comes The Adventures of Punkin and Boo, an exciting series of adventure/mystery stories for young children, tweens, and teens (adults will also enjoy them.) Featuring Hannah Roberts (Boo) and Jacie Masters (Punkin), these are the adventures of two teenage cousins who meet for the first time on a summer vacation and fall right into an on-going series of action-packed, page turning, “can’t-put-em-down” books that will delight young readers and have them asking for more of The Adventures of Punkin and Boo.

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