The Exploring Twins: A Volcano Adventure

| May 2, 2017


A Volcano Adventure

This is the first book in The Exploring Twins book series.
Allison and Daniel explore the world around them and amazed to see that science is everywhere. With little help from their mom Michelle and their dad Jake, they experiment and learn, in a fun way, all about nature and science.
In this book, Melisa, the twins’ aunt, is paying them a visit and tell them all about her trip to South America and to a volcano she climbed there.
The Exploring Twins want to take a trip to a volcano too but their parents don’t plan than any time soon. They do however create a volcano in their back yard?
Do you want to join them in their adventure?

What is this book series?

The books in the series are both reading books and “cookbooks” to follow for hands-on science experiments.
The books can be bedtime stories or early level reading for elementary school kids and it is also used as science books for kids with experiments for kids.

Why is this book series important to you?

The Exploring Twins book series helps teachers and parents make kids enjoy and experience science in a “story-like” way.
It makes science and science education accessible and fun, not just at the museum but at home and in the classroom as well.
The stories show kids that science is all around us, even in the most common actions in our day-to-day life. It is what makes us and everything in our lives work.
The series demonstrates to young girls that nothing is “just for boys”. Science is there for everyone to explore and everyone can enjoy it.

Don’t keep reading old-fashioned volcano fiction?

Explore with the twin more about volcanos and follow their real scientific experiment to create one by yourself!

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