The Mindful Entrepreneur

| May 2, 2017


Struggling with cash flow? Slow growth? Slim profits? No time? Stress? Lack of fulfilment?

Chronicling the true story of one entrepreneur’s journey, The Mindful Entrepreneur provides a raw, brutally honest account of how to transform the frustrations, pain and struggles faced by countless business owners into stability, growth, freedom and meaning. Fusing proven, cutting-edge business strategy with powerful mindfulness practices, you’ll learn an immediately practical, holistic approach to achieving business success and personal fulfilment.

You’ll also gain access to a range of tools, templates and resources designed to help you:
• generate rapid, profitable growth;
• create a business that can run without you; and
• stay sane, focused and fulfilled.

If your business is not giving you the wealth, freedom and fulfilment that you desire, if you feel like a slave to your business rather than master of it, The Mindful Entrepreneur is for you.

“The Mindful Entrepreneur will force you to revisit your “Why.” Why do you run a business? And how does that fit into your life? Managing a company without a clear measure of purpose and balance is suicide. This book not only teaches us how to survive, but how to access our full potential through a mindful approach. Every business owner should read it.”

Jesse Tevelow, Best Selling author of The Connection Algorithm

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