World’s first Frogmen in the war’s biggest feats: The raid on Alexandria

| May 2, 2017


This is the british “Pearl Harbour” as their naval base recieved a deadly strike by a new kind of a warfare. The modern 2000s special operation forces has their roots from this special operation: The raid on Alexandria. This is the tale of how axis commanders from villages in Italy snoke up on the mighty british navy.

The book follow Luigi Durand De la Penne and his squad through their incredible story. How their lives as operators of second world war executed one of the most incredible operation in history, and blew life into a new form of warfare. These are the ancestors to as NAVY SEALs and other special forces used in sea warfare.

A fiction descriped story inspired by a true event of second world war. Inspired to tell one of the most incredible story that is one of the most untold.

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