High Hopes: Harper Huckleberry – Book 1

| May 2, 2017


Harper Huckleberry’s world has just been crushed like an aluminum can run over by a Mack truck. The unexpected and seemingly innocent death of his mother leaves him alone, just before going across the country to attend music school. With two guitars and incredible skills, his journey of “High Hopes” was about to begin.

As he’s about to crank up his old Jeep and head east to Nashville, an unexpected interruption threatens his road trip before it even begins. Some wild-eyed, half-crazy nut job appears and tells Harper to hand over his favorite guitar, “or else.” Just as the situation starts to reach a pressure-packed climax, the stunning Angel Chavez enters the picture. She is either the cavalry cresting over the hill at just the right moment, or she’s the most heavenly coincidence in history. When Harper finds out what’s really going on, the road trip across America takes off at full speed.

As the road trip to Nashville rolls on, Harper is falling off the deep end for the older sister of his best friend, who he has had a crush on since he was eight. He is also being hunted, and doesn’t know it until he comes face to face with the hunter.

Ride along with Harper Huckleberry on his twisting, turning, unpredictable journey of discovery across America, and see for yourself how high hopes can be real and fleeting.


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