The Star Sailor

| May 3, 2017


History told us that mankind is evolved to explore the vast space , to do interstellar voyages , to discover new planets and to reveal them . There was a time when landing on planet ‘ EOS ‘ was the dream of every star sailor / astronaut . The planet was situated at a center arm of Andromeda III galaxy . We always had eagerness towards our space programs but not at that level . Out of hundred billion trillion planets in the cosmos that one was special , not because it was more than 13 million light-years away from us and had two moons much like our sun but because it contained all answers for our insane questions about our beginning . Science believed that life of earth started at that planet . One historical day we landed on it . It was the greatest leap of mankind . Luckily I was one of the few cosmonauts who went there and spent 37 days without any backup , but what I saw was never imagined by me and completely changed my lifeforever .

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