Sweet Land of Liberty (Struck by Lightning)

| July 13, 2013


Sweet Land of Liberty (Struck by Lightning)

A former Romance Writers of America Golden Heart winner, this warm love story features a heroine with remarkable abilities to communicate with nature and the tough hero who is determined to win her heart and be her protector.

Still fuming from the latest vicious threat by that greedy lumber baron Rufus Caldwell and his minions, naturalist Liberty Bishop heads to Houston from her beloved rural home in the Big Thicket of East Texas. Caldwell intends to clear the land adjoining hers and build a swanky golf resort–and she’s determined to stop him because that’s the place she spotted an ivory-billed woodpecker, a species thought to be extinct. She wants to preserve this land, an ecological marvel, and protect the ivorybill. But then Liberty has a special affinity for birds as well as plants and other animals. After she was struck by lightning as a child, she was left with a unique ability to communicate with nature. She can see and hear birds’ songs as they literally paint magnificent colors through the air; she can see and feel the flash and pulse of plant energy. Only the wedding of her best friend could entice her to leave her haven. Plus, she’s promised to address a group on cooking with wild things.
From the minute attorney Brock Hardin spots Liberty tossing weeds and crawfish into a cook pot, he is intrigued. He knows that she is special, a rare elfin creature who stirs his heart and his passion. Liberty is the one for him, and he pursues her relentlessly. Liberty has those same feelings stirring inside her, but of all things, he is a lawyer. She hates lawyers–and with good reason, but she can’t resist the lure of Brock’s whiskey-colored eyes and the electricity of his touch. Even though they love each other fiercely, she knows he can’t possibly understand the magical world she lives in, one totally different from what “normal” people experience. Even her family has always thought she was more than a little nuts.
Fate has brought them together, but can their love endure when they find themselves on opposite sides of a fierce battle over everything that she holds dear?


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